Frequently Asked Questions...

THE COMPLETE PACKAGE, INC., New York, NY is a creative packaging & promotional products marketing company.

2. What do you mean by packaging?
Packaging is any item used to house, transport or accessorize a product. Some examples include shopping bags, boxes, ribbon, tissue paper & gift certificate folders.

3. What do you mean by promotional products?
Promotional products are items which display your name or logo and are used for advertising or for extending your brand identity. Some examples include pens, mugs, green and eco-friendly items, computer accessories, food gifts, awards, golf items, wearables, hats, executive gifts, mousepads, etc.

4. What can THE COMPLETE PACKAGE, INC. offer my company?
THE COMPLETE PACKAGE, INC. seeks to help you grow your business and extend your brand identity through creative packaging and promotional products.

5. Packaging choices can be confusing... Can you offer guidance?
Absolutely! Our experienced sales representatives want to share as much information with you as possible. We want you to understand why certain situations call for different requirements (e.g., Paper vs. Plastic, etc.). Product samples and our suggestions will help you to make informed choices.

6. Can THE COMPLETE PACKAGE, INC. help me with design work?
Yes, our graphic designers can help you achieve your artistic goals.

7. How is pricing determined?
There are many factors which determine pricing. Our clients are asked very specific questions which will give us the information needed to price a project. Just a few of the questions asked include: When do you need delivery? What does your artwork look like? What quantity will you be ordering? Are you currently using this item, etc.?

8. Where are your factories?
THE COMPLETE PACKAGE, INC. manufactures all over the world. In addition to domestic facilities, we have plants in Canada, China, Indonesia, South America, Europe, etc.

9. Where are most of your clients located?
We have a national and international clientele.

10. Can I order from this website?
Yes, but because of the personalized nature of our business and the distinctly different needs of our clients, we do not encourage that type of a sale. We prefer to have personal (phone, e-mail or in person) meetings with our perspective clients to ensure we provide the best possible solutions for your individual needs.

11. What kind of customer service do you have?
At THE COMPLETE PACKAGE, INC. you will deal with trained and educated representatives who provide very personalized service. Once an inquiry is received, you will be contacted the same business day.

12.What if I am not satisfied?
As is said, "stuff happens," however; THE COMPLETE PACKAGE, INC. will stand behind all of our products.

13. How do you characterize THE COMPLETE PACKAGE, INC.?
We pride ourselves on quality products, superior service and competitive pricing.                                                               

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